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National identification information for non-UK nationals
National identification information for non-UK nationals
Updated over a week ago

You should only enter “British” as your nationality if you are eligible for a UK passport.

If you live in Britain but are not a UK national, here is the identification information we need, set by EU regulation, depending on your nationality:

  • If you have multiple European nationalities, provide the first one when they are listed alphabetically. 

  • If you have a mix of European and non-European nationalities, give priority to the European one.

  • If your nationality lists 'CONCAT', you don't need to provide us with anything!

At the moment, due to stricter US tax laws, Freetrade isn’t available to US citizens or anyone who holds dual US citizenship. However, we hope to make this available in the future.

Note: it does not matter if you have a national insurance number or pay taxes in the UK. 

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