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How can I pause my direct debit?
How can I pause my direct debit?
Updated over a week ago

You can easily view and pause your Direct Debit in-app.

To view your existing Direct Debit, just head to the Account tab > navigate to ‘Linked bank account’ > here you can tap on ‘View’ to see the details of your Direct Debit.

Next, in order to edit your Direct Debit:

  • If you’re an iPhone user, tap ‘Options’ at the top right of the screen

  • If you’re an Android user, tap on the settings icon at the top right of the screen

  • Tap ‘Pause Direct Debit’

Your Direct Debit will then be paused until you decide to resume it. If you have multiple Direct Debits across your Freetrade accounts, each Direct Debit will need to be paused individually.

Please note that if you pause your Direct Debit within 2 working days of the originally scheduled Direct Debit date, the pause may not take effect until the following month. This means that the original payment details may still go through. In order to prevent this, you must cancel the original Direct Debit payment directly with your bank.

For example, if your Direct Debit was due to leave your linked bank account on the 10th of the month, and you paused your Direct Debit on the 8th, the payment may still go through on the 10th.

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