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How much will my FX fee be?
How much will my FX fee be?
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The FX fee varies depending on which subscription plan you’re on!

Basic plan: Exchange rate + 0.99%

Standard plan: Exchange rate + 0.59%

Plus plan: Exchange rate + 0.39%

You can read more about how our plans compare here.

While you can calculate a rough estimate of what your FX fee will be before placing the order, unfortunately, the final FX fee will depend on a range of factors that can’t be known in advance, such as:

  • The exchange rate at the time your order executes.

  • The share price at the time your order executes.

  • The amount of your total requested order value that executes.

For example, if you’re on our Basic plan, the FX rate is the Exchange FX rate + 99bps.

The FX fee is calculated as:

The number of shares bought/sold multiplied by the Dollar/Euro price per share. This number is then divided by the exchange rate at the time the order executes. The resulting number is then multiplied by 0.0099. This is simply expressed as:

((No. of shares x Price per share) / Exchange Rate) x FX Fee

For example if you bought 10x shares priced at $1000 each when the exchange rate was 1.35, this would be calculated as:

((10 x 1000) / 1.35) x 0.0099 = £73.33

So when buying these $10,000 worth of shares, approximately £7407 would go on the shares themselves and the FX fee would be around £73, making the total cost of the order £7480.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team at [email protected] if you have any questions about FX fees.

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