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We’ll always look to settle unpaid fees from your account(s)’ available cash balance in the first instance, but where this is insufficient, we will look to recover fees by selling down your investments.

If we’re able to collect your fees from your available cash balance, this won’t be visible on your Activity feed. Our Customer Service team can, however, produce a statement setting out the amount of the fees taken and when this took place. You will in any case receive an email once we have collected any fees from your available cash balance.

If there is an insufficient available cash balance across your account(s) to settle your total fees owed, we may begin to sell down your investments in order to use the resulting sales proceeds to cover these. You will receive an email before this is actioned, confirmation of any necessary sales made, and the amount of the fees then taken and when this took place.

Where sell orders are required, the contract notes in relation to these will appear in your Activity feed. If a sale of an investment results in excess residual cash after the fees due have been paid, this will be left in your available cash balance.

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