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Can I move cash between my accounts?
Can I move cash between my accounts?
Updated over a week ago

In most cases, yes, you can move cash between your Freetrade accounts! You can move settled cash between your GIA and ISA and cash from these accounts can be moved into a SIPP.

If you'd like to request a cash move between your accounts, simply reach out to our friendly Customer Services team with the following information:

  • The direction of the cash move (e.g. move cash from my GIA to my ISA)

  • The amount

  • Your date of birth for security purposes

Some things to remember:

  • Any cash moves into your ISA will impact your annual contribution allowance. As our ISA is not flexible, withdrawing or moving cash out of your ISA will not reinstate any allowance and this will be considered as 'used' regardless.

  • Once cash has entered your SIPP, it cannot be removed, so it's not possible to execute a cash move from a SIPP.

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