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How do I close my SIPP?
How do I close my SIPP?
Updated over a week ago

You can cancel your SIPP within 30 days of first funding the account, this is outlined in the welcome pack received when opening your SIPP with us.

If you’d like to request a cancellation of your SIPP, you can contact our Customer Service team in-app by heading to the Portfolio tab > 👤 Profile icon > Contact us!

If your SIPP is funded and you are no longer within the cancellation period of 30 days, we will be unable to cancel or close this account for you.

You can transfer your SIPP to another provider, you can do this by contacting your new provider to obtain a transfer form so they can start this process with us.

At present, we do not provide a drawdown service for the SIPP, but we plan to in the future!

Please note that cancelling or closing your SIPP account will not automatically downgrade you from the Plus plan - if you wish to downgrade to prevent being charged, you’ll also need to do this in-app.

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