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What happens if my payment fails?
What happens if my payment fails?
Updated over a week ago

We will contact you to confirm when we’ll re-attempt to take payment. You should ensure you have adequate cash available for the next payment attempt.

If you continue to fail to make a successful payment and only have a General Investment Account (GIA), we will downgrade you to the Basic plan.

If you also have an ISA or SIPP (as part of the Plus plan), we will freeze your account. This means that you will be unable to place buy orders in your ISA and/or SIPP, withdrawals of cash from your ISA would be restricted, and you’ll be unable to place advanced order types such as limit orders and stop losses. However, you will still continue to be able to hold and sell any existing positions. The freeze will remain on your account(s) until your subscription fee is taken successfully.

Failure to pay in the longer term may result in further action.

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