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How do I transfer my ISA to Freetrade?
How do I transfer my ISA to Freetrade?

ISA transfer

Updated over a week ago

Transferring your current or previous years' ISAs to Freetrade is simple. What you need to do:

  1. If you haven't already, open an ISA in the Freetrade App

  2. Submit your transfer request here

There is some information you will need to have to hand to complete the form. If you don't have the information to hand you will need to re-open the form at a later date. This includes:

  • Your National Insurance number

  • Your existing provider's ISA account reference number

  • The approximate transfer value

Things that are good to know:

  • You can transfer any existing cash, stocks and shares, or innovative ISA.

  • It’s free to transfer your existing ISA to Freetrade but before starting, you should check you will not lose valuable guarantees and that you understand any transfer charges that your existing provider may apply.

  • Our stocks and shares ISA is available as part of our Standard plan (£5.99/mo paid monthly, or £4.99/mo billed annually) or our Plus plan (costing £11.99/mo paid monthly, or £9.99/mo billed annually). You can compare our plans here.

Eligibility to invest into an ISA and tax treatment depend on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change. Check before you transfer that we can accept your investments, you won’t lose any guarantees, and that you know what charges you may incur. Please be aware that if you transfer share classes that are not supported by Freetrade, they will be sold and the proceeds will be transferred as cash, which means you will be out of the market for a short period and may have to pay additional costs as a result. If your investments are moved to us as cash, you will be out of the market while your money is being transferred, so you could miss out on growth and income if the market rises during this time. Currently, completion times can be up to 8 weeks but could be longer as the process is reliant on prompt action by your existing providers whose time frames can vary.

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