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My selfie verification check failed, now what?
My selfie verification check failed, now what?

If your automatic identity check fails, we will email you to ask for a few documents

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We may sometimes need to verify your account manually. This can happen if your selfie check fails or if we need further information to verify your identity. Don’t worry, if this happens we’ll be in touch to let you know what the next steps are.

To verify your account, we’ll ask for two separate documents - one proof of ID and one proof of address. πŸ“© Once received, this will take 2-3 working days to review.

  • One document cannot be presented as both proof ID and proof of address.

  • We only accept clear high quality phone pictures, original PDFs or a scanned copy of an original document.

  • Please make sure we can see the whole document in the image.

Documents we accept:

πŸ“· 1 valid proof of ID:

βœ… Passport (full page in view showing all 4 corners)

βœ… Provisional UK driving licence

βœ… UK or EEA full driving licence

βœ… National EEA ID card

βœ… UK biometric residence permit (both sides)

🏠 1 Proof of address within the last 3 months:

βœ… Council tax bill

βœ… Utility bill or statement

βœ… Personal bank account statement

βœ… Provisional or full UK photocard driving licence

βœ… HMRC correspondence that includes your National Insurance number

βœ… DWP correspondence that includes your National Insurance number

We don’t accept:

❌ Proof of address documents dated older than 3 months

❌ Mobile phone or satellite TV bills

❌ Photos or scans of print outs

❌ Any driving licence not issued in the UK or EEA

❌ Credit card or any other bank correspondence

❌ Pay slips or letters from work (including P45, P60)

❌ Low quality, black and white images

❌ Screenshots (online generated statements need to be a PDF)

❌ Insurance letters

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