To manually verify your account, please send us two separate documents - one proof of ID and one proof of address 📩 Once received, this will take 2-3 working days to review.

  • One document cannot be presented as both a proof ID and proof of address.

  • We only accept clear high quality phone pictures, original PDFs or a scanned copy of an original document. 

  • Please make sure we can see the whole document in the image.

Documents we accept:

📷1 valid proof of ID 

✅Passport (full page in view showing all 4 corners)

✅Provisional UK driving licence

✅UK or EEA full driving licence

✅National EEA ID card

✅UK biometric residence permit (both sides)


🏠 1 Proof of address within the last 3 months

✅Council tax bill

✅Utility bill or statement 

✅Personal bank account statement

✅Provisional or full UK photocard driving licence 

✅HMRC correspondence that includes your National Insurance number

✅DWP correspondence that includes your National Insurance number


We don’t accept:

❌Proof of address documents dated older than 3 months

❌Mobile phone or satellite TV bills

❌Photos or scans of print outs

❌Any driving license not issued in the UK or EEA

❌Credit card or any other bank correspondence

❌Pay slips or letters from work (including P45, P60)

❌Low quality, black and white images 

❌Screenshots (online generated statements need to be a PDF)

❌Insurance letters


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