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How do I invest in REITs on the Freetrade app?
How do I invest in REITs on the Freetrade app?
Updated over a week ago

To invest in a REIT:

  1. In-app, head to the ‘Discover’ tab

  2. Navigate to the search bar, and type in the name of the REIT that you’re looking to invest in

  3. Tap ‘Buy’

  4. On the next page, type in the amount (GBP) you’d like to buy.

  5. At top of the screen under ‘Order type’, you'll see ‘Instant order’ when the market is open and ‘batch order’ when the market is closed.

  6. Tap ‘Review Order’.

  7. Review the order notes, tap ‘Confirm Buy’, and your order is then placed!

If placed during market hours, this will be an instant order and will execute immediately.

If placed when the market is closed, it will queue and process as a batch order. You can view your queued orders by scrolling down on the Portfolio tab.

The price you actually pay will always be the market price we achieve at the time your order is executed.

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