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How to spot the different types of Investment Scams 👁
How to spot the different types of Investment Scams 👁
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  • Beware of out of the blue contact offering interest in your current shareholdings, guaranteed returns or a ‘great deal’ in an investment.

  • Time pressure - fraudsters will use high pressure selling tactics and try to push you to make a quick decision

  • You have been researching investments online, completed a form or provided information and subsequently received out of the blue contact by telephone, email or online offering a good deal. Scammers can create documents, websites and online platforms that look real. They’ll do this to make you believe you’re dealing with a genuine company

  • You raise concerns and these are disregarded or brushed off

  • You may be requested to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is their attempt to stop you discussing the opportunity with anyone else

  • Old share registers are often leaked and this is how the fraudsters obtain your details. Be wary of any reference to investments you previously held in certificated format.

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