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What is the maximum order value?
What is the maximum order value?
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The current maximum order value on our app for UK stocks is £9900, and for US and EU stocks it's the equivalent of £25K per order, however there aren’t limits on the number of trades you can make.

This threshold is set by our internal teams to ensure that orders are able to go through successfully.

If any stock values rise and are close to the £25K limit, we would always review this limit and ensure that we implement measures to allow for a smooth order experience.

The £25K is per order, not per day, meaning that at current, you would be able to place multiple £25K orders to fulfill your sale if necessary.

We’re aware that there’s increased interest around our maximum order limit at this time due to assumptions around potential value increases for various stocks.

Our Product team is reviewing the maximum order limit at present. Should anything change concerning this limit, we will make all customers aware immediately.

We don't have any stocks that are close to reaching this for a single share at this time so we're quite far off from this.

Our highest value share available is Amazon at circa $3K, for example.

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