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Why haven't I received my free share yet?
Why haven't I received my free share yet?
Updated over a week ago

If you or your referral haven’t received your free shares after 7-10 days, there can be a few reasons why.

  • Your friend hasn’t funded their account with at least £50.

  • Your friend hasn’t filled out the W-8BEN form (US tax exemption) which can be found in the profile section of the app.

  • Your free share order was rejected. We place orders for free shares in batches, once a week. Orders can be rejected for a number of technical reasons. If this happens, we will re-try your order in the next batch.

You can find more information on Free Shares here.

If you have met the requirements and your Free Share still hasn't arrived after 10 days, reach out to us in-app via the Portfolio tab > Profile icon > Contact us > Send us a message > Free shares.

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