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How do I refer a friend to earn a free share?
How do I refer a friend to earn a free share?
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Our free share referral programme is open to current Freetrade customers who have:

  • Passed on-boarding checks,

  • Filled the W-8BEN form (so you can trade US stocks), and

  • Met a net funding amount of at least £50.

Net minimum funding is calculated as deposits less withdrawals.

Once you pass these steps, referring is easy!

  1. Tap on the Free share button in your app. 🎟

  2. Send your unique referral link to a friend.

  3. Your friend opens their account and funds it with at least £50 in their first 30 days.

  4. Once you qualify, you’ll both see your free share pending.

  5. Your free share will be revealed and dropped into your General Investment Account (GIA) within 30 days. 🎁

Participants (both Senders and Recipients) must keep the Freetrade account funded with a net minimum of £50 for six months after qualifying.

Closing your account or withdrawing and falling below the minimum net funding requirement will result in forfeiture of the free share. If the free share has been sold, you will have to repay the value of the free share at the time of awarding (each free share will be valued between £10 and £15 at the time of awarding).

You can find more information on Free Shares here.

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