Tap on the “Free shares” button in your app to send a referral link to a friend. 🎟

Your friend will then enter their email address into the referral link. Once your friend opens and adds cash to their account and fills out their US tax declaration form, you’ll both get a free share from Freetrade within 7-10 days. 👯

The stocks will be randomly selected from a list of interesting companies, ETFs, and trusts, with a value ranging anywhere from £3 to £200. This is a bit like a lottery, except you always win something, and we think it’s better than cash!

You can earn both UK and US stocks.

The stock will always drop into your General Investment Account (GIA). We can’t add it to your Stocks & shares Individual Savings Account (ISA).

Please note: Both you and your friend must have added cash to your account and have completed the US tax exemption form that lets you invest in US stocks.

If you/your referral don’t complete the US tax exemption form, we reserve the right to only allocate free UK shares.

You can find more information on Free Share here.

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