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How does Freetrade handle corporate actions?
How does Freetrade handle corporate actions?
Updated over a week ago

It all depends on the type of corporate action.

Mandatory corporate actions

For mandatory corporate actions, Freetrade will aim to notify shareholders of what is going to happen ahead of the date of the event, as well as how they will be affected. However, Freetrade does not guarantee that customers will receive information on all corporate actions ahead of the effective date.

Examples of mandatory corporate actions include: stock splits, consolidations, certain types of takeovers, mergers, demergers, name changes and bonus issues.

Mandatory with options/voluntary

Some corporate actions allow shareholders to vote on the outcome. These are known either as ‘Mandatory with options’ or ‘voluntary’. They include open offers, rights issues, and certain types of takeovers.

Unfortunately Freetrade doesn’t guarantee that we can support the ability to vote in all elective corporate actions at this time, as per our terms and conditions. We are exploring how we can support this in the future, but don’t yet have a timeframe to share on this. Our Corporate Actions team will be in touch once anything changes here.

We do currently support voting on some takeovers, however there may still be some instances where we are unable to facilitate participation. Our Corporate Actions team will reach out to you with an election form for any event you may be entitled to participate in that we are able to facilitate.

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