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Can I withdraw money from my SIPP?
Can I withdraw money from my SIPP?
Updated over a week ago

In terms of withdrawing from your SIPP, at present, Freetrade only offers uncrystallised funds pension lump sums, but there are other options available that customers can consider when deciding how to access their pensions. To access these you may need to transfer to another provider. This may include:

  • Drawdown funds

  • Annuities

  • Lump sum and drawdown

There are a number of options available and it’s important that you consider which one is right for your personal circumstances.

If you want to take a lump sum from a pension that you haven’t accessed previously, you can contact customer service in-app who will send you an application form. Please note you normally need to be at least age 55 to request this.

Before you take UFPLS, you should consider whether it’s right for your personal circumstances. If you’re not sure, please consult an independent financial adviser first. By withdrawing money in this way, you may limit valuable tax benefits from your pension in the future.

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