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Limit orders

A Limit order is an order type where you can specify the price at which you want to buy or sell a stock.

E.g. You'd like to buy £150 worth of £JET shares if the stock price decreases to £74 per share, and sell 5 of your owned £JET shares if the stock price increases to £90.

When you place a Limit order you will achieve the stock price you specified, or better.

Stop loss

A Stop loss is a sell order that allows a customer to limit their losses on an owned investment if the stock price were to decrease.

E.g. The current value of £JET is £70 per share and you'd like to sell 15 shares of £JET if the stock price decreases to £67, to limit potential further losses should the stock price continue to decline.

When you place a stop loss order, you will receive close to the entered price per share but may not receive the exact amount.

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