If you’ve invested in any of our Crowdcube rounds, you will have seen some pretty swanky rewards and quite rightly, you're eager to get them. 

To recap, here’s a rundown of the rewards from previous rounds. Rewards in italics are complete and shipped. 

If they’ve been shipped and you’re still not seeing them in your app or your swag package of awesomeness hasn’t made its way to your door; pop us an in-app message and our Customer Operations team will be happy to help!

Rounds 4 & 5

£10: Investor badge/flair in forum and app

£100: Investor app icons

£500: Swag pack of Freetrade awesomeness (Freetrade water bottle & socks)

£1,000: Freetrade Plus for 3 months

£5,000: Founding Member badge and Freetrade Plus for 12 months

£25,000: Freetrade Plus for Life

Round 3

£10: Investor badge/flair in forum and app

£100: Invite to launch party

£300: Free month of Freetrade Plus

£500: Queue jump

£1,000: Swag pack of Freetrade awesomeness

£5,000: Freetrade Plus for life (+founding member badge)

£10,000: Dinner with the team 🍷

Round 2

£10: Party Member. Invite to our public launch party!

£100: Freetrade Member. Guaranteed access to our beta before we released to the general public (first app access). *

£500: Freetrade Stuff. Get your choice of Freetrade branded goods - hoodie, anyone? 

£1,000: Founding Member. Be recognised as a founding member of Freetrade. Also, you’ll enjoy free lifetime Freetrade Plus.

£10,000: Dinner on us. Enjoy a meal with the Freetrade cofounders, at a restaurant of your choosing in London. 

*Originally, early access was for £100 investments and up in R2; we've decided to expand this to everyone in R2.

Round 1

£10: Priority beta access to our app.*

£1,000: Be recognised with Co-founding Member status. Access to our limited private beta launch and always get our paid premium services, like Freetrade Plus, for free. 

(Remember, rewards stack, so you get everything below your investment level too)

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