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Do you offer fractional share trading?
Do you offer fractional share trading?
Updated over a week ago

We offer fractional share trading on US stocks!

For US listed shares, it is currently only possible to purchase these by specifying a GBP amount. We will then calculate the optimal number of shares to fulfil that order, which will be a combination of whole shares and fractions.

Once you’ve placed the order, the value of your shareholding will track the share price as normal, and you’ll receive dividends for the exact number of shares you hold, including fractions.

We designed it this way so you could invest whatever amount you’re comfortable with, without needing to worry about the number of shares.

EU stocks and UK Stocks and ETFs cannot be traded fractionally at this time; it's something we're working on in the future, though!

In the meantime, you will need to place an order with enough cash to cover one full share.

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