Once your Freetrade account has been set up, you'll be asked to link a UK bank account to your Freetrade account in order to add (and withdraw) money.

This account must be:

  • A personal account, rather than a company account

  • In your name, not a family member's etc.

  • A UK account

  • A full UK bank account rather than a pre-paid card, app or similar.

  • You can then deposit funds into your Freetrade account with a bank transfer using the details provided.

If you are sending a manual bank transfer, make sure to send this from the bank you linked and include your unique reference!

If you are an Android user, you’ll have access to our Open Banking integration (coming to iOS users soon!). With the Open Banking integration on Freetrade, you can make payments directly from your bank or building society app to your Freetrade account.

Select your linked bank provider and you’ll be automatically directed to your mobile banking app or website to make the deposit. The Freetrade bank details needed for the transfer will be auto-filled.

Once sent to us (via manual bank transfer or Open Banking) your deposit will arrive in 2-4 hours between 8:30AM - 8:30PM, Monday-Friday. We’re working on speeding this up with further additions to Open Banking coming soon.

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