If you open an account with us while resident in the UK but then later move abroad, lucky you - hopefully it’s somewhere sunny!

In order to manage the transition in the context of your Freetrade account, you’ll want to take the following steps:

  • When you know your new address, send us it with a copy of one of the proofs of address referenced in our normal onboarding procedures
  • To keep deposits and withdrawals running smoothly, retain access and control of your linked bank account. It may take us a while to facilitate payments to and from different accounts in foreign currencies, so this is to be avoided (but we’ll always look after your assets in the interim);
  • If you have an ISA open, please don’t make any more payments in from the point you cease to be a UK resident, or we’ll all get into trouble! Funds paid into an ISA during your residency will stay in your account as normal.

If you have any questions or want to get the process started, just hit chat!

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