We sometimes extra information to verify your identity and start your account.

In these cases, we need two documents:

  1. A photo ID (like a passport or driving licence)
  2. A proof of address (like a utility bill or bank statement) from the last 3 months

If we need this info, we'll contact you via email when you start creating your account.

Here's the full list of admissible documents and the requirements:

(1 of any of the below)

  • Passport
  • Photocard driving licence (not provisional, UK or EEA)
  • EEA identity card
  • Old-school UK driving licence (not provisional)

Proof of address from the last 3 months
(1 of any of the below)

  • Council tax or utility bill (but no mobile phone or satellite TV bills)
  • Bank account or credit card statements
  • Photocard driving (UK or EEA)
  • Old-school UK driving licence (not provisional)
  • HMRC correspondence that includes your national insurance number


  • Images or scans should be in colour where possible and of a high quality
  • Proof of address documents should be dated within the last 3 months and clearly show the same details entered during account onboarding
  • If your proof of address documents have been generated online, for example via online banking, please send a PDF and not a screenshot
  • Two different documents should be presented, i.e. the same document cannot be used to verify both identity and proof of address
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