Currently, some users report that they do not get past the page when tapping the magic login link in their email.

This is a known issue.


  • If it's your first time trying to log in, uninstall the app, restart your iPhone, re-install the app, and try again. This is a bit of work, but tends to help.
  • If you managed to log in before, but it has stopped working, pull down the below page on your phone. An interstitial (sort of a banner) on the top of the page should appear. Tap it to proceed! Make sure you're using the Safari browser.
  • If all else fails, hang tight. This is an issue our engineering is working on. We haven't enabled live trading for anyone yet, so you are not missing out.


  • Starting with iOS 11.2, there is inconsistent behavior when deep linking into apps with Universal Links.
  • It appears that a bug was pushed in this iOS version that can cause Universal Links to fail despite being properly configured.
  • The problem is intermittent, so you may or may not be able to consistently reproduce it.
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