Once your Freetrade account has been set up, you'll be asked to link a UK bank account to your Freetrade account to add (and withdraw) funds.

Important, this account must be: 

  • A personal account, rather than a company account
  • In your name, not a family member's etc
  • A UK account
  • A full UK bank account rather than a pre-paid card, app or similar. 

You can then deposit funds into your Freetrade account with a bank transfer. You can start your account from £1!

Our cash deposit process currently involves some manual intervention, to bridge the gap between the legacy banking data we are reliant on and our systems, and so isn't as fast as we'd like.

We will be working to improve this, but in the meantime it does mean that deposits will only be processed during working hours (7am-4pm, Mon-Fri), and in batches.


You can withdraw funds from Freetrade to the same bank account by transferring from the app. Standard withdrawals will take 2-3 working days. 

You can also request a same day withdrawal - we charge a fee for this as it requires significant work on our end. 

Cash from sold investments cannot be requested for withdrawal until the cash has settled.

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