Our upcoming crowdfunding round starts at 12 PM Tuesday 25th June 2019. 

There will be a one hour private mode for Freetrade customers, starting at 11 AM. Sign-up to the Freetrade app and you'll receive this early access. You can also read this post for full details of the round.

With the raise soon to launch, we’ve created this simple walkthrough for first-timers on Crowdcube.

There’s also a guide on Crowdcube’s site but we thought we’d share our own experience through the sign-up just to make double sure.

So first up, go to Crowdcube.com. Then you’ll want to click join Crowdcube. This is all going so well!

You can join with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn credentials or create a new account just for Crowdcube. Remember to set a fun nickname. Fun nicknames are fun.

Next you’ll have to identify yourself among 4 investor categories. As an everyday investor, you have to agree not to invest more than 10% of your net assets into alternative investments (like those on Crowdcube).

OK, we’re in! First page Crowdcube brings up is investment opportunities — all the companies raising right now.

Anyway, this investment caught my eye.

Now, I hate plants so any business built around destroying and eating them gets my vote. Have £10 good people!

After you click ‘invest now’, you’ll have to fill out a short quiz to ensure you understand the risks of startup investing. It's important to make sure you're clear on this.

We can't show you the answers but it’s pretty easy.

After this, you fill in your personal details — address, name etc.

Important to note that Crowdcube specifically asks you to use your legal name and not your nickname.

So if you’re nicknamed ‘The Fonz’, you’ll want to legally change your name to that. Or just use your current legal name, whatever.

Regarding address, you can invest if you’re based in the UK and most other locations, but not Japan, USA or Canada. See Crowdcube’s own advice on the issue.

You make the investment with a simple debit/credit card payment. The money only leaves your account if/when the round completes and you can cancel up until then.

Now to share my card details with everyone… wait a minute!

OK, I’ve invested. Time to start my glamorous new life as a plant-based restaurant tycoon.

That’s how it’s done, everyone!

Our users, community and anyone who signs up will have early access to our Crowdcube round. Join here.

Capital at risk. Investments of this nature carry risk as well as potential rewards.
Click here to read the full Crowdcube Risk Warning.

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