Once your Freetrade account has been set up, you'll be asked to link a UK bank account to your Freetrade account in order to add (and withdraw) funds.

This account must be:

  • A personal account, rather than a company account
  • In your name, not a family member's etc.
  • A UK account
  • A full UK bank account rather than a pre-paid card, app or similar. 
  • You can then deposit funds into your Freetrade account with a bank transfer. You can start your account with £1!

To ensure your top up reaches your Freetrade account successfully, please remember to include your unique reference number when making a transfer from your linked account. 

Deposits will be processed during working hours (8am-8.30pm, Mon-Fri), and in batches.

Before you can make your first withdrawal, you will need to have verified your linked bank account by depositing from it first. This is important if you have only ever deposited via Apple or Google Pay before. You can deposit as little as £1 which you'll be able to withdraw right away once it's arrived. 

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