Both our basic and premium accounts offer unlimited commission-free trades on every security in our stock universe. 

How do we do it?

Well, most importantly, we've optimised our costs. We've built our business model and our tech stack to keep overheads low. This means we don't need to charge you to trade to stay in business!  

We also execute our free trades in batches to cut operational costs.  We collect orders and execute them in bulk at a given time of the day. This is a practice many other reputable investment firms do, including Vanguard (“we combine your activity with that of other investors and place bulk deals twice a day”) and Stockpile (“place your trade by 3pm ET and have your stock by dinnertime”) The difference is that we don't charge for this.

If you want to complete the trade instantly, you can for a small fee. Find more info on our pricing here

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